We offer professional Cinematography Cameras that have been serviced by certified technicians to ensure 100% functinality and satisfaction of our clients.
All cameras on our website are usually PL or EF mount unless listed otherwise.
All camera prices on WezeliCZ are negotiable as we always try to meet individual budgets of productions, cinematographers and all our clients.



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Arri Alexa Plus 4:3 package
Arri Alexa Plus 4:3 (Package)  Stock image ..
Ex Tax: $46,000
Arri Alexa XT Package
Arri Alexa XT (Package) Stock image ..
Ex Tax: $58,000
Arri Amira Premium Package 4K upgrade
Arri Amira Premium Package 4K upgrade with extras Stock image ..
Ex Tax: $50,900
Canon C500 PL mount
Canon C500 PL mount package Stock image ..
Ex Tax: $7,950
Phamtom Flex 4K
Phamtom Flex 4K package Buy for : $ 131,500 Rent for : $1,800 / Day Rent for : 5,40..
Ex Tax: $131,500
Red Dragon Epic M
Red Dragon Epic M , Hours 186 Stock image ..
Ex Tax: $31,990
Sony PMW ‐ F 65
Sony PMW ‐ F 65 package Stock image ..
Ex Tax: $21,950